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Making art is one way of listening to the world,

walking is another.





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“Walking, ideally, is a state in which the mind, the body, and the world
are aligned, as though they were three characters finally in
conversation together, three notes suddenly making a chord.”

– REBECCA SOLNIT, author & activist

Join us Saturday March 17, 2018

1st Wave: 8:00 AM

2nd Wave: 9:00 AM

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area

Phoenix AZ

theWALK is the inaugural fundraising event for the Museum of Walking at the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area, a former landfill now home to burrowing owls, beaver, over 200 bird species, and lush riparian vegetation in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Focusing on the everyday activity of walking and listening, this 90-minute silent walk presents an opportunity for the public to experience a culturally and historically significant site with one thousand other people moving together in an attentive way through public space.

WHY: theWALK promotes meaningful community engagement, public health, and sustainability awareness while enhancing creative and divergent thinking.

PROCEEDS: The proceeds generated by theWALK directly benefit the work of the Museum of Walking including museum exhibitions, artist honorariums, research, artist-led mindful walks, community partnerships, social engagement and outreach for the only museum in the United States of America solely dedicated to the practice of art and walking. Additionally, partial proceeds will go to support The Phoenix Indian School Legacy Project, with Native American Connections and Phoenix Indian Center.

WHO: theWALK is open to everyone. The trail is paved and accessible (in partnership with Daring Adventures) and parents / children are welcome to join a child-friendly Wave group. Please, no animals.

The Museum of Walking (MoW) is an educational resource committed to people, land, action, and site through the everyday act of walking. Walking is a defining human activity with poetic and political resonance as well as mundane and ceremonial manifestations that play a central role in contemporary art, social and cultural history, health, and sustainable lifestyles. Whether alone or with a group, moving through space creates connections between people and the environment, as it promotes well-being and enhances creative divergent thinking.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Museum of Walking has been featured in publications including Landscape Architecture Magazine, National Public Radio, and The Phoenix New Times. MoW has been funded by Evelyn and Lou Grubb Charitable Fund/Nancy Grubb Sage, Arizona Community Foundation, ASU Institute for Humanities Research, and ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. To capture the true spirit of walking and discovery, MoW often becomes a nomadic entity characterized by exhibitions nationwide, silent treks under moonlight, and interpretive Sonoran desert walks led by park rangers. Past walks include Walk the Indian School, with Patty Talahongva, a former student of Phoenix Indian School, who led participants on a walk of the former school site, and MoW Walks Repellent Fence, a durational walk in support of the artist collaborative Postcommodity land installation Repellent Fence, where participants walked alongside portions of the iconic transborder installation.

2439 S Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ

(Northeast corner)

Parking Map

The Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area is just south of downtown Phoenix. Once a landfill, this dried up riverbed is now a lush riparian corridor with paved and dirt trails accessible to anyone. This area of Phoenix is a rich convergence of history, culture, sustainable efforts, and community organizing such as Cultivate South Phoenix (CUSP) and Center for Neighborhood Leadership. Alongside industry and views of downtown Phoenix, visitors experience wetland ponds, mesquite bosque, a cottonwood/willow forest, and over 200 bird species.

Do you love walking? Do you love discovering your creative potential? Do you want to learn more about how walking relates to art and well-being? Spend time in a riparian landscape in the middle of downtown Phoenix on Saturday, March 17, 2018.



Register at the Registration tents in the parking lot at 2439 S Central Ave.

Each registered participant will receive a custom MoW tote bag and theWALK program at registration

After you have registered you will be directed to meet your Wave team


Restrooms are available at the starting point and multiple locations on theWALK route

Water refill stations are located at the start, finish, and along the route


  • Please bring a reusable water bottle with you and remember to drink plenty of water before and while you are walking (MoW will provide drinking water to refill your water bottle). We hope you will “just say no” to buying plastic water bottles and that you will bring a reusable water bottle with you
  • Parking is limited. Please consider joining your friends and carpooling
  • theWALK is open to everyone. The trail is paved and accessible (except for one small portion, which can be traversed in a wheelchair or with a stroller. We are partnering with Daring Adventures to make theWALK accessible to everyone! Contact for details)
  • You are welcome to bring children who would enjoy a mindful 90-minute walk. Please let us know if you will be bringing children and you will be placed in a child-friendly Wave group
  • Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes
  • It’s sunny in Phoenix! Don’t forget sun protection and a hat


East of Central off Watkins Street

120 E. Watkins St. – Trendwood

215 E Watkins St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 – Seal Co. (walk through fenced gate into park)

135 E. Watkins St. – Phoenix Window and Door

245 E. Watkins St. – Asphalt Technologies

246 E. Watkins St. (property currently empty)

SE Central

3131 S Central Ave at the Nina Mason Pulliam Audubon Center at (from lot, walk north to the NE Central parking lot for registration)

West side of Central

2414 S. Central Ave – Cactus Bindery (SW corner of Watkins and Central)

2246 S. Central Ave – Iron Mountain (NW corner of Watkins and Central)

17 W Watkins Rd – Sav-on Plating

23 W Watkins Rd – Spirit of God Christian Church

2402 S Central Ave – Comunidad en Avance Church

Reserved for Accessible Parking

2439 S. Central Ave


Interested in walking mindfully with your friends? Form a Wave for $500. A Wave is a guided unit of 20 people collectively walking in silence. Every participant will navigate theWALK within a Wave group. Child-friendly Wave groups are also available for parent/children participants.

CREATE A WAVE Volunteer to be a trained



Planning on walking solo? Individual tickets are $25 and you’ll still get to walk in a Wave. It’s time to reclaim your attention! Each participant will receive a branded MoW Tote Bag at the event.



If you can’t join the movement with your feet, please help Museum of Walking continue its commitment to advancing walking as an art practice. Your donation will directly benefit exhibitions, artist honorariums, research, artist-led mindful walks, community partnerships, social engagement and outreach.



As a member of our MoW volunteer team, you will help foster relationships within various Phoenix metropolitan communities, and be central to our mission of bringing awareness to the benefits of walking within contemporary art, social and cultural history, public health, and sustainable lifestyles.


Do you have questions about theWALK or do you want to find out more information about the Museum of Walking? Visit or connect with us at
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